From Protest to Resistance


About practical aspects of Non-Violent Direct Action.

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Year Produced: 1983
Running time: 33 minutes
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This film discusses various ideas about Non-Violent Direct Action, what it is, how it can be useful, how people can get involved. Some of the people on the tape have been directly involved themselves, some of them are trainers who give advice to groups preparing for NVDA. Christine Kings, Campaign Organiser for National CND, outlines CND policy towards NVDA, and Charles Davey, of the Peacemakers Relief Society, explain the purpose and benefits of preparation and training before action. Women and men who have taken part in NVDA describe their own feelings towards the development of non-violent tactics, the threat of arrest, and above all why they decided to take direct action in the cause of nuclear disarmament.

Film and photo sequences from Greenham Common, Whitehall and Arms Trade Fair demonstrations, plus examples from an NVDA training session, illustrate their comments. The film is intended to be used by local peace groups as a basis for discussion and for organising further action.

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