Defending a Way of Life


Muslims in Spitalfields trying to integrate yet keep their own culture alive.

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Year Produced: 1981
Running time: 30 minutes
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The Spitalfields area of London. The first immigrants to arrive were Huguenot Protestants from France. Later came Jews fleeing from the pogroms of Russia and Poland. Lastly came mainly Bangldeshi seeking a better life. A single building exemplifys these changes. First a Huguenot church, then a Synagogue and now a Mosque. Shows the difficulties Bangladeshi’s face as they seek integration into British society while struggling to maintain their cultural heritage. Most of them are from rural areas where it was customary for women not to take pasrt in public life. . They do not want their children to lose the Moslem faith, or forget their language, but some of the young people wish to integrate more. White women say how difficult it was for them to be able to meet and talk with Bangldeshi women. Made a generation ago this film is useful to compare with life in Tower Hamlets today.

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