Children of Chernobyl


Chernobyl 20 years after the nuclear accident.

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Year Produced: 2011
Running time: 49 minutes
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The explosion at Chernobyl released a hundred times the radioactive fallout of a nuclear bomb. Even now, no one knows how many people have been affected. 350,000 people were forced to leave in a hurry. Children were and still are the primary victims; some are treated in Cuba. However, about 400 older residents have defiantly returned to their homes in the exclusion zone. They eat their vegetables planted in radioactive soil, and wander around a ghost town that died 20 years ago, when people fled in a panic, with no time to do anything but leave. One elderly resident describes what life is like for her.

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Children of Chernobyl from Concord Media on Vimeo.

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