Boys and Girls Come in to Play


A play programme for children in hospital.

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Producer: Roger T. Lambert
Year Produced: 1980
Running time: 40 minutes
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Although the children in this film could be playing anywhere, they are in fact in hospital. The film shows how a co-ordinated play programme can be evolved to help each child overcome personal and medical difficulties. The importance of stimulating play is illustrated, both in group situations and in one-to-one child/adult relationships with trained hospital play workers. The value of play in the treatment of children with physical and mental disablities is demonstrated and the resulting improvement in confidence and ability is clearly shown. Examples of work with children in a hydrotherapy pool, and with physiotherapists, speech therapists and play therapists are included. The film stresses the need to continue treatment and to stimulate play at home with the involvement of the family. U.K.

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