Believe Me

Believe Me

DVD2002 12 Minutes

Animated film exploring the experience and effects of sexual abuse.

An animated video from Leeds Animation Workshop, which explores, from young people's perspectives, the experience and effects of sexual abuse. In a non-sensational way the video shows that sexual abuse consists of a wide range of inappropriate behaviour, and that most abusers are known to the child. It stresses that sexual abuse can happen to children from all kinds of backgrounds; that it is not the child's fault; that it's OK to have mixed feelings about the abuser; and that there are some secrets that should never be kept.

It stresses the importance of telling a trusted adult, and shows that help is available and that young people can recover from the experience. Aimed primarily at 9-13 year olds, but can also be used with young people in a therapeutic environment and in a training context with adult professionals who work with children.

This programme can be rented on our Video on Demand system for £2.72. For this you can view as often as you like within a 48 hour period of your own choosing.