Alcohol in the Dock


Under age drinking

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Producer: Alpha Films
Year Produced: 2004
Running time: 20 minutes
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Underage Drinking: Made by young people aged 14 to 20 years who believe you need to make up your own mind about alcohol.
What happens if you give a camcorder to a group of youngsters and ask them to make a programme about alcohol? The answer is a film that takes a serious look at both the pros and cons of drinking and allows viewers to make up their own minds about the subject. The group interviewed people representing different angles on the subject and found a wide range of opinions and information that open up areas for debate.

65% of suicide attempts are alcohol related, 15% of drownings relate to heavy drinking, 40% of 13 & 14 year old girls are drunk or stoned when first having sex. Over 40% of violent crime is committed by people who have been drinking.

Over £200 million is spent every year on advertising alcohol !!

West Suffolk Drug Advisory Service & Suffolk Constabulary
” A very refreshing film that allows young people to have their say…never fails to get them talking” Eden Youth Project

Section 1 – looks at the health angle and explores some of the implications of excessive or ‘binge’ drinking

Section 2 – explores the legal angle from the police perspective

Section 3 – looks at the business angle in terms of employment, tax revenue plus the social side of drinking

Section 4 – ‘Your Angle’ – an open debate by young people sharing their stories and opinions about alcohol

Sponsored by: Suffolk LEA Advisory Centre, Babergh District Council, Suffolk Health Promotion and made in association with Suffolk Drug Action Team.

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