A Home of One’s Own


The problems homeless people encounter.

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Year Produced: 1990
Running time: 29 minutes
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The obstacles to being accepted as homeless. The attitudes of the housing authorities are illustrated in an interview with Bristol’s Director of Housing and Allocations Officer. Discussions between a wide range of women and men, including very young mothers trapped for years in their parents homes, and women whose accounts of domestic violence are not accepted as truthful, show the diverse ploys to turn homeless people away.
An excellent piece of role-play by the Bristol One Parent Project Drama group brings home the intense frustration that may be experienced (and usually is) during interviews with homelessness officers, and the need for those seeking help to be supported by an experienced companion. Suitable for any audiences interested in homelessness.
This film is of historical interest but the issues raised are still current.

A Home of One's Own from Concord Media on Vimeo.

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