Workers rights

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  • Give the Girls a Chance

    Give the Girls a Chance

    This film sets out to prove that girls should have a chance to do anything boys can do and is an excellent historical record, when constrasting this to where we are now.
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  • Gizza Job

    Gizza Job

    This film tackles the challenges for unemployed people in four 'cameo' interviews, three how not to be interviewed and one which gets it right, this is ideal for group discussion.
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  • The Deaf Manager

    The Deaf Manager

    The Deaf Manager presented by Susan Hampshire in 1986 showed the advantages of employing deaf people and was shown at the Bank of England, the Central Electricity Board and other large firms of the day,
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  • Them and Us

    Them and Us

    Does the class structure of an average factory have anything to do with the fails of the UK in regards to productivity within industry, Nuts and Bolts had a look.
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  • Then There was One

    Then There was One

    Shows how job cuts and the intensification of work can damage people, specifically in relation to London buses.
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