Young Children in Brief Separation – ‘KATE, 2 years 5 months, in foster care for 27 days’

DVD1967 33 Minutes

Kate, fostered for 27 days, plays out her conflicting emotions with dolls.

Kate is a lively and talkative child of 2 years 5 months whose stay with the Robertsons becomes extended to 27 days because of complications in the birth. She is old enough to have some understanding of the situation.

Kate is under considerable strain because of the prolonged absence of her mother but is never overwhelmed by anxiety. She is helped by seeing her mother in the hospital, and by her father’s visits to the foster home; but is increasingly disappointed that she is not taken home.

In play with a family of dolls Kate shows vividly the conflict of feeling about her absent parents. But on reunion she returns to her mother with pleasure, and keeps a friendly relationship thereafter to the foster mother.

A guide booklet accompanies the film.

This film was made in 1967 in black and white, so the film and sound quality is not to modern standards. This should not diminish its value as a moving historic record.

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