A Gujerati Village (GAAV Project)


The simulation of a Gujerati Indian Village for Suffolk schoolchildren.

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Producer: Ipswich Media Arts
Year Produced: 1990
Running time: 36 minutes
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The first part of this film shows a day at the simulation of a Gujerati Indian Village Project in Suffolk. The project ran for a four week period each year for a number of years. The video captures some of the activities such as drama and crafts in which the schoolchildren participated during their day as villagers. The second part shows scenes from a real Indian village called Bapodar, in the state of Gujerat. Folk songs are used for the sound track.
Some parts are filmed in rather low light.
This film is of historical interest but the issues raised are still current.

A Gujerati Village (GAAV Project) from Concord Media on Vimeo.

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