Yorkshire Women of the Century


Covers 1901 to 1999 about the activities of Yorkshire women

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Producer: Vera Media
Year Produced: 2001
Running time: 24 minutes
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The century is the 1900s. At the start of the century women did not have the vote and they had no property rights if they were married. In effect they were the ‘property’ of their husbands. But Yorkshire women were particularly feisty! Lots of them started to rebel, specially in the struggle for women to have the vote. But they also became active in trade unions, becoming shop stewards and leading struggles for better pay and working conditions.

They became doctors, scientists, politicians, actors and business leaders and in all kinds of occupations. Yorkshire was fruitful in producing women novelists. Community activists arose to fight domestic violence and set up women refuges. They organised family planning clinics and mother and baby homes.

During wartime they took on jobs which previously had been prohibited territory for them.

They were active in organising support for striking miners (some of whom it must be said did not like their wives becoming so independent!).

The archive film shows many interesting shots of conditions which nowadays would not be tolerated. The film is split into 4 chapters each between 3 and 6 minutes long.

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