Who Killed Mark Faulkner


A deep look into rough sleeping and homelessness

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Producer: Platform Films
Year Produced: 2000
Running time: 120 minutes
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A three part forensic and social investigation into the death and life of a young homeless epileptic man, made for BBC2 and transmitted in December 2000.. “The riveting and tragic Who Killed Mark Faulkner? charted his descent from a troubled youth sleeping rough with only his demons for company, to a cold cadaver on a mortuary slab….the impassioned documentary asked how a young disabled man can die on the streets of one of the world’s richest cities.” The Guardian
Mark was just one of thousands of homeless people in Britain. He had spent the last nine years of his life living rough on the streets when he was interviewd one afternoon in November 1999. Mark talked eloquently about himself. his family, his upbringing and his life on the streets. Four days later hje was found dead in an underpass at Charing Cross. He was 26. Other rough sleepers were interviewed including an interview with one who said that by living rough he was free of all restrictions! A film worth seeing by all who try to help the homeless.

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