Tools For Research – Questions about Animal Rights


Facts and discussion about the use of animals in research.


Exposes the abuse and waste of laboratory animals and advocates the use of alternatives to animals in testing, education and research. It attempts to answer these questions: How many animals are used in research every year ? Are lab animals protected by law ? Does animal research really help humans ? Can there be effective research without animals ? Who profits from animal research ?.

The film refutes many of the myths that have been perpetrated, such as the myth that laws protect lab animals. The film reveals that many experiments are repeated over and over, and that much research has nothing to do with medical advances, but instead tests consumer products and military weapons. Alternatives are shown, thus disproving the myth that animals must always be used. Suggests that we are kin to and have responsibility for other life forms. Asks more questions than it answers. U.S.A.

Made in 1984 this film reflects the cultural attitudes of the country and language of the time it was made. The issues raised are timeless. The film quality may not be to modern standards.