They Call Us Maids

They Call Us Maids

DVD2015 7 Minutes

Animated film showing the plight of migrant domestic workers

The domestic workers’ story. An animated film from Leeds Animation Workshop which tells the story of thousands of women from extremely poor backgrounds, in countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, South Asia or Africa, who have to find work abroad to support their families. Employed as ‘maids’ and isolated in foreign households, many of these workers find themselves trapped in conditions of great hardship. Based on the real life stories of migrant domestic workers, the programme uses vivid watercolour animation to reveal some disturbing truths about present-day slavery. Made in consultation with Justice 4 Domestic Workers (

‘They call us Maids’ has just won the title of Best UK Film on Modern Slavery at the ‘Unchosen Modern Slavery Film Competition’

This is the most recent in a series of awards achieved by this short film which is based on interviews with domestic workers in Leeds and London.

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