The White Hole in Time


Peter Russell’s views on the global crisis and hope for the future.

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Year Produced: 1993
Running time: 30 minutes
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A film by Peter Russell, who made ‘The Global Brain’, and based on his book. Using hundreds of images that span the breadth of creation, he weaves physics, psychology, philosophy and the personal wisdom of the ages together to paint a new picture of humanity and our role in the cosmos. Exploring our ever-accelerating rate of development, and the patterns behind our long evolutionary journey, he looks at how we have arrived at this critical moment in history.

The global crisis now facing us is at root a crisis of consciousness – a crisis in our perception and values. If we are to navigate our way safely through these critical times, we must let go of outdated attitudes and beliefs, and live more in the present. The time has come to liberate our minds and awaken to our true spiritual inheritance. We could be on the threshold of a moment towards which life has been building for billions of years – an evolutionary climax far more profound than most of us have ever dared imagine.

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