The Psychology of the Latency Years – Part 3


Children from three African countries, and others, talk about their lives.

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Producer: Professor Malcolm Brown, Queen’s University Belfast
Year Produced: 1990
Running time: 56 minutes
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Children from three African countries, an Afro-Caribbean/English, an American and an English child talk about themselves and their friends in this programme. Obsessions, behaviour, denial, the importance of the immediate present, the nuisance value of siblings, perceptions of and attitudes towards parents and many other characteristics are present in this programme. Fantasy fears are present but apparent fearlessness is also seen. Perceptions of the world vary enormously through this age span.

Friends are important and racial elements are demonstrated. Growing up and parents’ attitudes towards education can be a big responsibility for the young child. Part of a series of programmes by Malcolm Brown, who made the Talking About..’ series. For teaching and learning purposes, the human life span is divided into 12 linked stages, from the pre-school child to the very old.

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