The Psychology of the Elderly


Four 70 year olds reflect upon their lives.

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Producer: Professor Malcolm Brown, Queen’s University Belfast
Year Produced: 1990
Running time: 54 minutes


Presented by Professor Malcolm Brown, Queen’s University Belfast.

Four people in their seventies reflect upon their lives – both wasted and useful, and how they spend their time, attitudes to and the importance of families, what life is like for them, their health, their hopes and their worries as well as feelings about their own mortality, are freely shared.

Mr Richardson, 76, had many relations. He died after a comparatively short illness.
Ernestine. Austrian until Nazi rule, then lived in Canada. Widow for 5 years. Lives a very full life.
Margaret. 71. African. Never married. Her adopted daughter looks after her. Infirm. Feels helpless and a burden.
Sarah. 76. Mother of 7. Husband still alive. Not enough time in the day to do all that she wants to do. “I’ve had a wonderful Life.