Suicide of Young People and Its Impact on the Family


Interviews with 19 family members whose close young relatives have taken their own lives.



16 DVDs in this pack.
This training pack has been developed by Prof. Malcolm Brown and Dr Heather Ferguson-Brown and comprises video interviews with 19 family members whose close young relatives have taken their own lives, together with a 45 minute interview with Dr Colin Murray-Parkes on the subject of suicide of young people and its impact on, and the needs of family members experiencing such a bereavement.

It is an invaluable resource for trainers offering courses for a range of professions and voluntary organisations working in the field of suicide of young people, prevention and bereavement, including social workers, nurses, doctors, police officers, coroners’ officers and members of support group organisations. Social studies teachers and student counsellors will find this material suitable for use in the context of training courses for young people who need to be able to respond to fellow students considering taking their own life.

A training manual introduces the subject of suicide with a short review of the literature and analyses each video interview according to the contribution its content is likely to make to the range of courses it is anticipated will be offered and offers some suggestions as to the content of specific training programmes. The interviews themselves present a wide range of background circumstances, emotional responses, family outcomes and good and poor experiences with professional bodies. As well as reinforcing and bringing to life existing theory, they will be particularly valuable in assisting in the skill development of those working in what are invariably stressful and painful situations. Also available separately on individual DVDs