The New Patriots

The New Patriots

DVD2002 18 Minutes

The U.S. Army counterinsurgency training school

DVD 18 mins. 2002
Five U.S. military veterans, including Congressional Medal of Honour recipient and a female West Point graduate, speak out about terrorism, patriotism and their transformation.

They remind us that the lives of thousands of people killed by people trained at the notorious ‘U.S. Army School of the Americas’ (SOA) are no less precious than the thousands killed on 9/11.

SOA trained assassins killed Archbishop Oscar Romera, raped and murdered four US nuns, six Jesuit priests and their housekeeper and daughter and of course thousands of people in Central and Latin America.

Set up in 1946 as a counterinsurgency training school, its graduates terrorised civilian population in living under military dictatorships. After a decade of protests it changed its name to Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Co-operation but remained at the U.S. Army base of Fort Benning and at 2002 was continuing its role as before.

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