The Decade of Destruction Parts 1 and 2


How the Amazonian rainforests form a rich and balanced environment, threatened by deforestation.

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Producer: Central Television
Year Produced: 1986
Running time: 60 minutes
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Two of the series on the tropical rainforests of the Amazon, by Central Television.

1. The Mechanics of The Forest: One tenth of all the world’s species live on Amazonia, feeding off each other, pollinating each other, dependent in a web of life. A botanist and a zoologist explain and show the delicate balance between plant and animal life, and find that to survive at all a forest reserve must be over a certain size, and that if the present rate of tree felling continues it will have a major effect on the balance of nature.

2. The Storms of The Amazon: A scientist shows how deforestation would change the climate of Amazonia and its surrounding regions. Trees push moisture into the sky, which regenerates rainfall, which can be used by all the plants. Cutting the jungle causes the rain to run off the land, washing away the top soil and making a desert. Includes satellite pictures and speeded up footage of storms.

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