The Bomb on Trial


How can the possession, let alone the use of nuclear weapons be lawful?

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Producer: BBC TV Community Unit
Year Produced: 1985
Running time: 45 minutes
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Can nuclear weapons ever be used without committing crimes against humanity and peace? If not, is it lawful to possess and deploy them? These questions were considered by the London Nuclear Warfare Tribunal in January 1985. The task of the tribunal was to compare the current nuclear war fighting strategies of NATO and the Warsaw Pact with existing international law. Witnesses came from all over the world and were examined and cross-examined by professional advocates before a panel of eminent judges which included three Nobel prize winners and which was chaired by the international jurist, Sean MacBride. Includes filmed excerpts from the evidence covering strategy, weaponry and the moral and legal implications c nuclear weapons. The excerpts are linked by a clear and sensible presentation. The viewer is invited to form their own conclusion whether the nuclear powers are above the law or subject to it.

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