Talking about: Understanding and Working with Groups


Dr Tom Douglas talks with Malcolm Brown.

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Producer: Professor Malcolm Brown, Queens University, Belfast
Year Produced: 1986
Running time: 41 minutes
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Dr Tom Douglas is undoubtedly one of a very small number of eminent group work educators in the UK. In this videotape he talks about the basic principles of group intervention, the power of the group, the finding of the self through group involvement, group isolation and group acceptance, how and why some groups are created, special groups such as those in prisons and hospitals, the concept of performance and Tom Douglas’s very own “first law of group dynamics”.

He goes on to explore why a group leader is so often necessary: the need for self awareness, the creation of data banks and group recording. A very important tape for all professionals who utilise in any way the group experience as part of their working lives.

This film is of historical interest and reflects the cultural attitudes, medical procedures and language of the time it was made. The imagery and film quality are not to modern standards. But the issues raised are timeless.

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