Talking about Sexuality: Understanding and Helping


Prof. Harvey Gochros talks about wider view of sexuality and life, and helping people with problems.

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Producer: Professor Malcolm Brown, Queens University, Belfast
Year Produced: 1986
Running time: 43 minutes
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Professor Gochros is a leading authority on sexuality. He talked with Malcolm Brown on this subject. Professor Gochros in a clear, easy to understand way, sets out his perception of sexuality in its widest context. Sex does not equal intercourse but covers all aspects of living. He explores love in all its different forms and expressions, the giving and receiving of love, sexuality and the concept of identity. Stereotypes of sexuality and expectations according to sexual gender; concepts of choice and attractiveness; how sexuality is used to influence others; sexual awareness and vulnerabilities. He explores societies’ attitudes toward sexuality, and the non-approved sexual groups such as the elderly, the handicapped and the unemployed. He offers excellent advice to the helping person with sound, practical guidelines, making the strong point that one does not have to be an expert tio be of value to those in need. An important video for everyone in the helping professions.

This film is of historical interest and reflects the cultural attitudes, medical procedures and language of the time it was made. The imagery and film quality are not to modern standards. But the issues raised are timeless.

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