Surviving Dementia


Help for people with dementia and their carers in the community.

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Producer: Church of Scotland
Year Produced: 1988
Running time: 38 minutes
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This film is about creating ‘dementia friendly communities’. It poses the question ‘ how can communities help people with dementia?’ The narrator reminds us that community means ‘you and me’. What can we do? Some of the languasge is dated (the use of the term’sufferer’ is no longer acceptable and the pathologising of dementia by the psychiarist offers a dated perspective) yet the key messages of this film are timely; people with dementia benefit from the support of friends and communities. Featuring real footage of people with dementia participating in a church group, in their own homes and in their communities. A newsagent explains to the viewer how she helps a regular customer with her shopping. The film addresses issues such as vulnerability to conmen, stigma, normalisation, dignity, loss and bereavement.

Review; Recommended – with caution about the language of the term ‘sufferer’.
Target audience: Community groups, Church groups.

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