Sunday’s Child 08: 21 Months to 2 Years (Visits 51-54)


Various activities including a birthday party.

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Year Produced: 1986
Running time: 54 minutes
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Felix is shown with neighbours and his parents prior to leaving for a week’s holiday. Tension is evident. His behaviour with adults and children is markedly different. He plays and has his hair washed while his father is bathing him. Felix is shown drawing for the first time and playing ball. He continues a theme developed in Part 7 of ‘fixing things’ – in obvious identification with his father, whose tools he uses. He is seen interacting with a one-year-old child he knows well and looking for father who is at work. The reunion between Felix and Lyndsay after his routine day with the baby minder is filmed and a swimming session with both parents. His second birthday party is filmed.

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