Sunday’s Child 01: Aged 0 – 3 Months (visits 1 – 11)


Before the birth to age three months.

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Year Produced: 1985
Running time: 73 minutes
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Visits were begun a month before the baby was born. His mother had an amniosyntesis because of her age (35) so she knew the child would be a boy. The parents decided to call him Felix. Lynn Barnett talked separately to both parents to explore some of their fantasies about the forthcoming child. Felix’s birth is not filmed but we hear his mother discuss her experiences of the birth while stills of the birth of another child are shown. The Health Visitor is filmed on her first visit following the departure of the midwife. The first three months then unfold and there are short sequences showing the development of attachments through breast feeding, bathing, sleeping, and other interactions between mother and baby, father and baby and all three.

Not professional quality

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