Social and Emotional Problem Solving Cards (Secondary)

Social and Emotional Problem Solving Cards (Secondary)

Cards to stimulate discussion on solving problems eg bullying, friendship, drugs, loyalty etc Suitable age 12+

Scenarios enabling facilitators to discuss relevant issues with young people and consider ways to solve the problems identified.

Young people are encouraged to discuss, in a group or individually, a variety of topics relevant to their lives, the seriousness of the issue, what are the risks and protective factors, and how they might solve the problem.

There are 7 different sections: Friendship dilemmas, Relationship and Sexual dilemmas, Social dilemmas, Workplace dilemmas, Moral dilemmas, School dilemmas and Sport dilemmas.

Some topics covered are:

• Friendships
• Bullying
• Alcohol and other drugs
• Risk taking
• Sexting
• Relationships
• Loyalty
• Honesty
• Values

Contains 80 Cards

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