Peter Porter: What I have Written


The Australian poet filmed in London, reading his poems and offering his wisdom.

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Producer: Third Millennium Pictures, Directed by Richard Kelly Tipping
Year Produced: 1985
Running time: 30 minutes
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Peter Porter has made his name as a ‘social poet’ with a gift for satire; the Australian abroad, free to express an outsider’s views. But he has come to stand for much more than that, moving assuredly through music and art, yet always presenting an accessible and humane intelligence to his readers.

Filmed in London during a sunny August, Porter is shown in his adopted ‘country’ near Paddington, and in his large flat, crammed with books and records. He introduces and reads a variety of engaging poems and fascinates with his revelations and his advice. Poems spoken and discussed: Your attention, Please, My Late T’ang Phase, The Last of England, The Picture of Nobody, The Sadness of the Creatures, The Lying Art, A Brahms Intermezzo, Doll’s House and What I Have Written I Have Written.

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