On the 8th Day


This film examines the horrific and almost unbelievable effects of a nuclear war.

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Year Produced: 1984
Running time: 60 minutes
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Made at the time of  the thaw in the Cold War and at a moment when occurred a high level conference of US and Russian nuclear weapon and atmospheric experts, this film examines the horrific and almost unbelievable effects of a nuclear war. Terrible as the  Hiroshima Atom Bomb was, later came the thousand times more powerful Hydrogen Bomb. A hydrogen bomb and an atomic bomb are both types of nuclear weapons, but the two devices are very different from each other. In a nutshell, an atomic bomb is a fission device, while a hydrogen bomb uses fission to power a fusion reaction. In other words, an atomic bomb can be used as a trigger for a hydrogen bomb. These are held in large numbers  by not only the two super powers but also Britain, France and China and possibly also India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea. This film shows the history in the growth in numbers and power of the bomb  and also compares the possible results of a nuclear war with the most violent volcanic eruptions in the past which caused massive devastation. Among the commentators are Carl Sagan and NASA experts and also of National Centre for Atmospheric Research  and Professor Androvov  of the USSR Academy of Science.

The picture quality of this film is not to modern standards but the content remains of great value.

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