Not Too Young to Grieve


Understanding and helping bereaved under fives.

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Producer: Bereavement Trust/ Leeds Animation Workshop.
Year Produced: 2005
Running time: 15 minutes
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When someone dies, it affects everyone in the family, even if they are very young. Children under five may be unable to communicate or understand fully, but they will be deeply affected. This animated programme looks at the ways very young children respond to grief, and what adults can do to help. “This resource will transform the understanding of parents and professionals caring for bereaved under fives perhaps one of the last real groups of forgotten mourners. ” Julie Stokes, Director, Winston’s Wish.

REVIEW: The intended audience for this animated video (or DVD) is parents, carers, nursery workers and others working with families and bereaved children. For professionals, the film offers an enlightening look into the world of grieving toddlers and babies. Using 10 imaginary stories, it guides the viewer through many of the scenarios involving bereaved under-fives with which parents and main carers struggle.

Each story is very short so no time is available to acknowledge that real life for bereaved families is often more complicated than represented here. However, a knowledgeable trainer could address this. For bereaved parents, the film offers user-friendly explanations of the often bewildering reactions and behaviours of the grieving under fives, and gives examples of practical ideas that might help. . The voice-over uses accessible language and does not overload the viewer with information. The objective is to ‘transform the understanding of parents and professionals caring for children bereaved at a very early age’ – a big task, but one this film certainly goes a long way to achieving. Jill Adams Schools Training and Support Coordinator,

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