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Demonstrates a number of non-competitive games.

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Producer: Dale le Fevre
Year Produced: 1990
Running time: 80 minutes
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Demonstrates a number of non-competitive games. Dale le Fevre’s earlier video which illustrates a great variety of co-operative games. These games are designed to increase social skills as well as being fun.
Part 1 Consists of ice-breakers – games to get acquainted, games to build up trust and develop sensitivity, and games for team building. Running time: 35 mins .
Part 2 Presents a variety of co-operative games, from gentle to very active, and the last part is partly in German (as well as English). Dale explains the philosophy behind his ideas too. Running time: 45 mins USA.
Made in 1990 this film reflects the cultural attitudes of the country and language of the time it was made. The issues raised are timeless. The film quality may not be to modern standards.

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