Mother  - Caring for Seven Billion

Mother - Caring for Seven Billion

DVD2011 45 Minutes

The connection between overpopulation and our most pressing environmental and humanitarian problems.

Since the 1960's world population has nearly doubled and now tops 7 billion. Population growth, though little discussed, is putting an unprecedented burden on the planet’s life systems.

This prize-winning film brngs to light the connection between overpopulation and our most pressing environmental and humanitarian problems, as well as the solutions.

It begins with a striking animated timeline of population growth over the last 500,000 years with key historical references. Mother then looks at the how the population issue first arrived on the public agenda in the 1960’s, and reviews the various ways in which population impacts the global environment.

The second part of the film follows Beth, an American mother and child rights advocate, who grew up in a large family of 12. She travels to Africa to witness first-hand the impact of population growth in the developing world and its role in exacerbating poverty. While there, she meets a young Ethiopian woman, Zinet, who comes from a poor family of 12, but has found the courage to break free from long-held cultural barriers holding back women. Beth learns from Zinet and others that a primary solution to the population issue is raising the status of women worldwide through education and empowerment, an essential step to ease population growth and reduce poverty worldwide.

The final section of Mother features a broader discussion of the solutions to overpopulation in both the developed and developing world.

The film features commentary from many world-renowned experts and scientists, including Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich, author of “The Population Bomb”.
"This film's timeliness and excellent content will make it a popular purchase. Classroom teachers and public library programmers will especially appreciate the very well-developed curricular/instructional materials available in pdf format on the disc."
–School Library Journal

Please note: This DVD contains two versions, one is 45 minutes and the 0ther 60 minutes

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