Metal of Dishonour: Depleted Uranium, the Pentagon’s Secret Weapon


Expose of use of depleted uranium weapons specially in the first gulf war.


An expose of the Pentagon’s use of depleted uranium weapons. These radioactive weapons have compromised the health of tens of thousands of military personnel and civilians both in the U.S. and in the Gulf region. The programme takes you inside the burned out Iraqi tanks destroyed during the Gulf War, and into the hospitals where children are suffering from unknown diseases.

It contains interviews with Dr. Helen Caldicott, Dr. Michio Kaku and former Attorney General Ramsey Clark. It covers the history of much of the nuclear cycle, from the thousands of exposures among the Marshall Islanders and the Atomic Veterans to the effects of mining on Native reservations in the United States. Although the picture quality at times is not so good, the film covers ground not seen elsewhere.

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