Medical Ethics - Doctor's Orders

Medical Ethics - Doctor's Orders

DVD1980 60 Minutes

When can a doctor override the wishes of the patient? Hypothetical situations discussed.

Hypothetical Situations based on Real Life

This one debates the question 'When can a doctor override the wishes of the patient?' A young newly wedded wife has breast cancer and is advised to use contraception for five years so as not to become pregnant, but she is a devout catholic and therefore opposed to contraception. The story gets more complicated as they do have a child, the mother becomes seriously depressed and the father discovers he has Huntington's Chorea.

Moderator: Arthur Miller of Harvard Law School. The panel consists of Peter Diggory, gynaecologist; John Cook, surgeon; Professor Peter Huntingford, gynaecologist; Lord Winstanley, G.P; Sir John Wakely, surgeon; Sheila Duncan, surgeon; Sir Douglas Black, President of Royal College of Physicians; Douglas Glover, Tutor in Philosophy, Oxford; Dr Michael Tarsh, psychiatrist; Dr Colin Brewer, psychiatrist; Michael Flynn, Head of a Special School and Barbara Calvert, Q.C.

One of four television programmes, each of which will stand independently. The others are Medical Ethics: A Matter of Life and Death, Medical Ethics: A Life worth Living? and Medical Ethics: Patients' Secrets.
Although made in 1980 this is still a very useful programme not only for medical students but for anyone working in a medical or caring situation.

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