Medical Ethics - A Matter of Life and Death

Medical Ethics - A Matter of Life and Death

DVD1980 60 Minutes

When is a doctor justified in not prolonging life? Hypothetical situations discussed.

Hypothetical Situations based on Real Life.

A group of Doctors, Consultant Geriatricians and Psychiatrists discuss dementia and euthanasia. A 75 year old woman is found wandering in town; is she beginning to have dementia? How does her G.P. handle it? As her condition deteriorates what should be done?

Moderator: Charles Nesson of Harvard Law School
Dr John Dunwoody, G.P
Dr Mary Rayner, G.P.
Dr John Keet, Consultant Geriatrician
Dr Colin Brewer, Psychiatrist
David Hobman, Director Age Concern
Dr Felix Post, Psychiatrist
Dr David Morrison, Director Intensive Therapy Unit
Jonathan Glover, Tutor in Philosophy, Oxford
Professor John Brocklehurst, Consultant Geriatrician
Lord Winstanley, G.P.
Rev. David Bonsor

One of four television programmes each of which will stand independently. The others are Medical Ethics: Patients' Secrets, Medical Ethics: A Life worth Living? and Medical Ethics: Doctors' Orders.

Although made in 1980 this is still a very useful programme not only for medical students but for anyone working in a medical or caring

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