Love is not Enough


Three adult adoptees describe how being transracially adopted has affected their lives.


Transracial adoption: the video follows three adult adoptees as they describe how being transracially adopted has affected their lives. “My adolescence was the most important years for defining my identity and trying to find a happy medium between being brought up by white parents and being black in Britain”; We follow Dele, a young man of Nigerian origin, as he describes his teenage years growing up in Bristol. I needed to be put back in touch with my black relatives to redress the balance, because for 20 odd years it had been white people, white people, white people”.
We follow Sue as her search for identity takes her back to her country of origin, Hong Kong. “.”If I’m walking in the street people see this Chinese person, but it’s more than skin deep and that’s what I have lacking. I don’t know what it is to be Chinese. I can only guess at that..”
.. We follow Paul, a young mixed-race man, as he traces first his white mother and then his black father. Critically acclaimed and shown at many film festivals, it provides a vital insight into race, identity and adoption.
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