Investigative Interviewing: Complete

DVD1999 176 Minutes

Techniques for interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects.

A three part programme made in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police Detective Training School, reflecting current views and training undertaken by the police when interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects. They demonstrate in real-life situations the uses of cognitive interviewing and conversation management in handling interviews.

Part 1: In ten sections: includes the detective sergeant’s interviews with the victim, witness and suspect of a bag-snatch. There are four different points of view of the bag-snatch itself and a further two sections featuring a separate incident, illustrating both good and bad practice. 60 mins.

Part 2: Two extended interviews present a more detailed look at the processes involved in using cognitive interviewing in a criminal investigation and show both good and bad techniques. 58 mins.

Part 3: An extended and alternative interview to that of INVESTIGATIVE INTERVIEWING, showing the subtle differences between the ‘good’ and the mishandled suspect interview. 58 mins.

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