I Don’t Need Toys


A film about play in the first two years of life.

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Producer: Anita M. Hughes
Year Produced: 2008
Running time: 18 minutes
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This film depicts babies and toddlers at play in the home environment. In this film, you will see what they do when they play with household, natural and recycled objects. There is only discovery and learning and with this comes enormous pleasure and satisfaction. At all times the babies and children are being supervised by a caring adult (with whom they have secure relationships) although the adults are rarely visible in the film. Some of the objects are made from breakable materials such as tough glass, but they are all safe to use when children are feeling secure and comfortable under the loving and attentive eyes of their primary caregivers.

THE TREASURE BASKET (for seated babies from 6 months old) The Treasure Basket can provide a wonderful world of opportunity, choice and independence for the seated baby, who is at the mouthing stage. It also gives a young baby the chance to develop outstanding concentration skills. It is an original idea, which has been conceived and pioneered by early years expert Elinor Goldschmied and further developed by educational psychologist, Anita Hughes. The Treasure Basket is a low rigid circular basket into which you can put 80-100 different objects for the baby to explore with his mouth or in his hands. How can something so simple be so expansive? Make sure you are sitting by the baby, responsive and attentive to his needs but without speaking or offering materials, (as this can be so intrusive).

It is important that the Treasure Basket is offered in an atmosphere of love, safety and unrushed peacefulness and that the baby is with someone with whom he has an attached relationship. A toddler wants to make things happen. He develops an interest in causality, the cause-and-effect relationships between objects. At the end of the film, the children (rising two years) are beginning to demonstrate symbolic play with the materials.

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