Helen Ganley: The Many Faces of a Woman Artist


Working with children, and in mental hospitals and prison as artist and therapist, to support her family – Helen managed to create her own colourful and meaningful art.

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Producer: Elisabeth Kozmian-Ledward
Year Produced: 1986
Running time: 30 minutes
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To support her family Helen has worked as art teacher and art therapist- in psychiatric hospitals, prison, and with Asian children and adults in East Oxford where she lives. A mother, wife, lover, housewife and feminist – in her own words she tells the story of one woman’s experiences trying to overcome various obstacles which women artists still encounter. She talks about what inspired her own colourful artwork- Indian poetry, female goddesses emotional myth including Mary, colourful textile and collage sculptures; her book for children about an Indian girl child in England and her many exhibitions successful, and all this relevant to wider concerns of artists now.

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