Fundamentalist Fervour

Fundamentalist Fervour

DVD2009 26 Minutes

An examination of religious fundamentalism - Christian, Jewish, Islamic and Hindu.

It is apparent that religious fundamentalism underlies much of the world's most intractable political problems. But how do violent, extremist groups grow out of a positive social bond? Amid a tumult of competing convictions from evangelists, settlers, firebrand clerics and para-militaries we unearth the roots of fundamentalism. The core of all fundamentalist groups - Christian, Jewish, Islamic and Hindu - is strict adherence to their ancient scripts.

As Rabbi Avraham says 'we are not authorised to change the Bible', but the question of whether Judaism constitutes a religion or a nation is at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Graphics draw on religious iconography and the soundtrack includes a fervent fusion of multi-faith preaching, capturing fundamentalism's inherent charisma. The film concludes that the only answer to religious fundamentalism is separation of church and state.

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