Dust to Dust – Institute of Environmental Health

This film, made by Platypus Films in 1985 for the Institution of Enviromental Health Officers looks at the corporate attitude towards asbestos and the well known risks it posed for cancer and how it was being dealt with in the era.


Warns the general public and workers about the dangers of asbestos and discusses many of the issues involved in deal with it. In particular, the programme reveals why the millions of tons of asbestos installed in our system-built housing, schools and hospitals in the sixties and seventies will continue to be a grave national problem for many years to come. Experts estimate that up to 50,000 people will die over the next 30 years from asbestos disease in the United Kingdom. Most of those who die will have worked in the asbestos industry. However, it is now known that people who have been only incidentally exposed to asbestos fibres in their homes, schools or workplaces may also be at risk. The risk may be increased by indiscriminate removal of asbestos.

The imagery and film quality may not be to modern standards but is useful for historical use.

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Dust to Dust – Institute of Environmental Health from Concord Media on Vimeo.


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