Day Care in Psychiatry, with Music Therapy and The Swimming Treatment


The main aspects of day care in psychiatry, with music and swimming therapy as well.

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Producer: Cardinal Broadcast
Year Produced: 2004
Running time: 44 minutes


Three programmes on one DVD:

1. Day Care. Interviews with staff and patients to show the main aspects of day care. First an overview, and then explains the range of groups available. Discusses the management of patients and concludes with a couple of minutes on stigma. Running time: 20 mins

2. Music Therapy. Shows a session in action as well as an interview with the music therapist. Running time: 10 mins

3. The Swimming Treatment – Behavioural Psychotherapy In Action: A group of psychiatric patients go to the local swimming pool. Two of the staff are interviewed and provide a clear commentary in which the details and the pitfalls of the outing are discussed. Running time: 14 mins.