Dave Stott Masterclass: Interactive Skill Behaviour


Demonstrates how to manage challenging classroom behaviour more easily by developing a calm and confident teacher response.

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Year Produced: 2009
Running time: 60 minutes


Using different styles of approach you learn how to: adapt your body language and verbal language use personal space for best effect: develop your own self-calming strategies in managing difficult behaviours.
Section 1 looks at typical styles of approach and helps you: understand the link between emotions and behaviour understand how this drives behaviour in different circumstances explore instinctive responses and self-calming techniques.
Section 2 demonstrates passive and hostile styles of approach and response, including passive verbal and body language, speed of approach, pleading, threatening and giving up.
Section 3 focuses on personal space and moving in and the effect on both the emotion and the behaviour of teacher and pupil. You explore: how to use social space, personal space and intimate space how to use eye contact how to gain attention and take an appropriate calm stance when close to a pupil.
Section 4 demonstrates the key points to remember for a calm and confident manner, including the concept of muscle memory for a natural, automatic teacher response. Section 5 concludes with a question and answer session with the studio audience, including some key What if questions. Also included on a separate CD-ROM are handouts and useful discussion points. Dave Stott is a leading UK trainer, consultant and author in pupil behaviour management.
He believes good behaviour can be taught and that teachers need to be well-prepared in their response to any given situation. Formerly a head teacher and Head of Special Provision for Children with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulty, and latterly Head of Behaviour Support Services, Northamptonshire, Dave now specialises in training in emotional literacy, anger management, behaviour, inclusion and reintegration work across all phases, in both mainstream and special education.