Dave Stott Masterclass: Acute and Severe Behaviour Problems in the Classroom


How to prevent and manage high-level incidents in the classroom.

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Producer: Loggerhead Films
Year Produced: 2009
Running time: 40 minutes


Severe or acute behaviour problems are one-off high-level incidents that occur infrequently, but are so serious that they can cause teachers to question their own professional competence. Such problems present a high risk of damage to property and also to personal safety. With this DVD you learn how to: deal with acute behaviour situations explore effective systems for gaining help protect yourself from physical and psychological attack

Section 1 uses specific examples of acute and severe incidents in the classroom. You explore the effects on both the individual pupil, the whole group and, specifically, on the teacher, including emotional upset and fear, interruptions to learning, anger and frustration.

Section 2 highlights early warning signs, disruptive off task behaviour, physical threats, arguments, anger and violence, direct verbal threats, damage to property, defiance and refusal to apply instruction and leaving the teaching area without permission. You learn how to: respond assertively focus on personal safety for both teacher and pupils gain assistance use scripted response remove a pupil from the classroom carry out one-to-one conferences use individual behaviour plans

Section 3 uses practical scenarios to help you: establish a clear sense of inevitability about using consequences assess legal implications use muscle memory ensure the safety of all pupils record and report incidences assess the risk in any planned response adhere to National and School Policy Guidelines involve stakeholders (parents/carers

Section 4 concludes with a question and answer session with the studio audience.