Common Interest Part 2 (The Big Wide World)

Part Two from Common Interest, made in 1983, from a series of ten 25 minute programmes which focuses on individual experiences in development across various countries.

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Producer: International Broadcasting Trust
Year Produced: 1983
Running time: 75 minutes
Watch online: ideo on demand


Common Interest is the series title for ten 25 minute programmes which focuses on individual experiences in development. Although each episode tells a different story they are grouped into three parts to expeller three different aspects as happened in 1983.

Episode 4. Trinidad & Tobago – Money is not the Rule

Oil Investment in the Third World. The economy is dominated by the oil industry – Looming economic crisis (1980s) – workers speak – USA takes only crude oil – Texaco closes refineries – Questions of nationalsation and diversification – expanding fertiliser and steel production – USA forbids imports of steel – increasing domination of agriculture by multinational giants.

Episode 5. Grenada: Is Freedom we making

Grenada – A Marxist virus in the Carribbean: says Ronaldo Reagan. Population only 119,000 With a bloodless coup in March 1979 a Marcist based party led by Maurice Bishop took control. The role of women was redefined and enlarged – Education opportunities improved – A marketing board set up to buy farmer’s produce at guaranteed prices and resolt to market stall holders – Fresh food exported to nearby Trinidad – USA hostile to these ‘social democratic’ style measures.. (Roughly 3 years after this fim was made, there was a coup by extremist marxists, Maurice Bishops was killed. The USA invaded and imposed control.

Episode 6: Independence and Intervention

A history of intervention in the Carribean starting with the Spanish conquests and via the 1961 Bay of Pigs attempted coup in Cuba today. USA promoted the Monroe Doctrine which imposed U.S supervision on the Carribean islands. Foreign ownership of companies – straitjacket or opportunities? Concludes with discussion by M.D. of Geest Ltd, a rep of Grenada Government in London, Jenny Pearce of Latin America Bureau and a former U.K ambassador to the Carribean.

The imagery and film quality may not be to modern standards but is useful for historical use.

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