CBT for Depression: Behavioural Activation and Cognitive Change

CBT for Depression: Behavioural Activation and Cognitive Change

DVD2010 106 Minutes

A demonstration of CBT treatment for depression, with explanations and discussion.

The application of the CBT approach to depression, a treatment area in which CBT has a well-established track record. Working with a colleague acting the role of a client, Frank Wills demonstrates the approach and discusses progress in a series of studio discussions. Frank maintains that CBT at its simplest and best is about helping clients to experiment with doing something different and thinking something different. He uses both activity scheduling and behavioural activation to demonstrate how to help this client re-establish the more socially active stance that preceded her depression.

He also uses various cognitive methods to explore and modify the clients thought and beliefs that link with her negative, depressive patterns. In both the session and the studio discussion Frank is keen to explain how and why behavioural and cognitive interventions actually work. He also uses the discussion to reflect on the therapeutic relationship and interpersonal immediate aspects of CBT.

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