Candle on the Hill: Botton is my Home


Part 2 of Jonathan Stedall’s much acclaimed BBC series about CAMPHILL looking at the Residents of Botton Village, those with learning disabilities and the helpers.

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Producer: Jonathan Stedall
Year Produced: 1990
Running time: 50 minutes
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Jonathan Stedall’s much acclaimed BBC series about CAMPHILL:   Camphill was founded in Scotland in 1940 by a group of refugees from Vienna. The staff lived communally and without wages; there was no going on and off duty; their aim was always to live with and not just  for the mentally handicapped children and adults in their care.  Part 2 looks at Camphill’s work  with mentally handicapped adults. Botton village in Yorkshire was founded in 1955 – the first of over 50 such villages worldwide.

Shows some of the people with learning disabilities who live at Botton Village at work making candies, dolls etc. Perfection is not the aim, but a family atmosphere of caring for each other. One of three programmes about Camphill, villages where the co-workers live and work together with people with learning disabilities without wages or days off.
Run of the principles of Rudolf Steiner.

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