Bounds of Freedom series


Six programmes in which a moderator conducts a hypothetic enquiry in which real people, doctors, journalists, T.V. producers, judges make decisions.

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Producer: Granada TV
Year Produced: 1979
Running time: 270 minutes


The Bounds of Freedom, which uses a technique totally new to television to explore the legal and ethical problems that regularly beset the media. In each of the six programmes, a panel of eminent people from both the media and the legal world is assembled.

They are confronted with situations which, although hypothetical, reflect accurately the kind of dilemma which every newspaper editor or television producer has at some time had to deal with. Keeping the discussion moving at a lively pace is an experienced moderator who tricks, cajoles or browbeats the often reluctant victim into making a commitment to one course of action or another. The Bounds of Freedom was named the Best Documentary Series of 1979 by Britain’s Royal Television Society.
Made in 1979 this film reflects the cultural attitudes and language of the time it was made. The issues raised are timeless.
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