Behind the Wall


The problems of delays and overcrowding of remand prisoners.

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Producer: Granada Television.
Year Produced: 1989
Running time: 26 minutes
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World in Action programme which explains the problems of remand prisons, in particular Risley in Cheshire. This prison was built for people staying only a short time, but with the legal delays and other problems, prisoners are kept for long periods in uncertainty, with no work, and under very overcrowded conditions. Over half these remanded prisoners are not given a custodial sentence when finally tried, but many have lost jobs, families and homes as a result of being remanded in custody. Morale is low, and suicides and riots frequent. The old building at Risley is to be demolished, and a new one erected, but will this solve the problem?

The imagery and film quality may not be to modern standards but is useful for historical use.

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