Animate Earth


Healing our relationship with the Earth through holistic science.

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Year Produced: 2013
Running time: 43 minutes
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A documentary film written and presented by Dr Stephan Harding, renowned ecologist and colleague of James Lovelock.
Stephan puts forward a radical approach to the ecological crisis by arguing that many of the problems we now face stem from having lost our intuitive relationship with nature. He believes that traditional mechanistic science has inadvertently fuelled the crisis and that we urgently need to develop an expanded science that cultivates intuitive wisdom alongside rational knowledge so that we can experience everything, from the smallest microbes to our planet’s great life-sustaining cycles, as deeply interconnected.
Building on the revolutionary discoveries of James Lovelock’s Gaia Theory, Stephan goes one step further and explores opportunities to heal our relationship with the Earth through the new discipline of holistic science.
A beautiful and profound film which includes interviews with leading environmentalists, scientists and spiritual leaders, including Brian Goodwin, Iain McGilchrist, Fritjof Capra, Vandana Shiva Jules Cashford and Satish Kumar.

“An enlightening film…. Learn how the field of science is finally recognising the Earth as one complex, life-sustaining system. This film is a must-see”. Centre for Ecoliteracy.

“Stephan Harding lays bare the flaws in today’s narrowing and numbers-bound scientific model, and eloquently articulates the case for a more intuative holistic approach.” Jonathan Porritt, Forum for the Future